Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pretty Sparkly things

It is amazing how much of our day is taken up in activities related to eating.  Today, I spent five hours driving to, from and purchasing groceries and another half an hour getting everything put away.  It was then time to get supper, eat, make breakfast cereal and clean up.  It is almost 8.00 p.m. and I left home this morning just before 10 a.m. to shop.  That is 10 hours spent on things that revolve around sustenance.  And I'm not counting breakfast.
Tomorrow, I have to do some baking before taking the dog to the vet.  Hubby cooks on Thurs. so I will have some free time after I get home.
Friday, I hope to be able to spend some time quilting before I end up with a bunch of PGF's (projects growing fungus).  I should have a bit of time now to sew together some strips for sashing which will save me from having a completely non quilting day.  I need to put together another hand applique block to work on while watching television.  I have been doing a bit of knitting lately but that is only so I have something to keep my hands busy.
I did buy something today that is now making me smile.  I love sparkly things.  They don't have to be expensive just shiny.  When I was in one store, I saw some stick on imitation gems which I bought.  I have some clear and red ones stuck around my computer monitor and they are sparkling in the lamp light.  I also stuck one on my cell phone.  They probably won't stay in place long but are fun while they are there.

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