Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Squishy Surprise

I am continuing to get things accomplished-probably thanks to the nasty weather.  On Monday, I didn't take my sewing machine to group.  My back was really bothering me and my machine is heavy but the real reason was that I wanted to work on cutting up some of my scraps.  I use a lot of 5 inch squares and I like to have a good pile of them cut and ready to use.  By the time the day was finished,  the scrap bag was half empty and I had a nice pile of squares.  I was going to work on them today but decided to leave it until tomorrow.  It is supposed to be bitterly cold and rather than run the electric heater in the studio, I can take my board and fabric into the kitchen and work on the table.  I did get another 10 tumbler blocks made and am almost ready to decide what fabric I want to use for sashing.
My hubby still isn't feeling well although has been able to tend the chickens and bring in firewood.  I am determined not to get his cold.  So many people have the flu or a cold right now.  Normal for the winter time though, isn't it.
I had a wonderful surprise yesterday.  When I picked up my mail there was a nice squishy package in my slot.  It was a kit from a very nice lady who sent it to me for no reason other than she is a nice lady.  I have it sitting on my coffee table and every time I look at it, I smile.  Isn't it wonderful when someone does something so kind. 
It is snowing so hard right now that I can hardly see down our driveway.  Heidi and I did get out for our walk but it was heavy going.  I had to pick her up and free her little feet of some of the snow once.  House is lovely and warm though so no complaints.

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