Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another Heidi Quilt

Have you ever started one thing and ended doing something completely different?  I did a bit of baking today and as I was clearing up, I got an idea about how I could make more room for my spices.  I have them in three places and some tend to hide behind others.  The racks that are on the pantry door are a good place but the smaller containers would either tip over or fall through.  I figured that if I cut some foam board to size, it would give those spices a better home.  I had some of the board left over from another project so I cut it and it worked great.  Then I started going through the spices, cleaning and filling containers, organizing them in the new area. 
After I finished, I found I had two large containers and one bag of nutmeg.  For some reason, whenever I needed it for a recipe, I couldn't find it.  I also had some very old chili flakes, dried bottles of food colouring and a bottle of peppercorns with a broken top.  It fell onto the floor when I moved it so I had to sweep them all up.
Everything looks nice and tidy and I have noted the spices that I need.  Nutmeg is not on the list!

Didn't get any quilting done today other than cut some border strips.  This photo is the quilt I finished last week.  It is going to be draped over the old trunk that is placed so our little Heidi dog can see out the window.  She seems to have more quilts than anyone else in the house.

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