Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Control Issues

I got the fabric chosen for a block of the month challenge I am doing that is sponsored by The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I have been dithering about this for a while and finally figured out why.  As I don't know what each of the blocks will look like, I have to trust someone else's design sense.  Even though I know the designer and have bought her patterns, still I dither.  I think I may have control issues!
I almost have this first block done so, hopefully, I am learning to give a bit of control to someone else.
Hubby needed my help getting his truck from the driveway where it has been sitting for a while.  Snow had piled up around it so he decided the best plan was to use the tractor to pull it free.  I removed a lot of the snow while he was hitching up, unhitiching and removing the tractor blade and rehitching.  There is a lot of ice under the snow so it took a bit to get the tractor some traction.  Once everything was ready, I started the truck and drove it out.  I guess we should have checked to see if that worked first.  We did need the tractor for one area so I guess it was good that the truck was chained to it.

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