Friday, January 16, 2015

Dance the Watusi.

Our trip to and from Barrie yesterday was with good driving conditions.  My appointment with the specialist started right on schedule and finished early so all that could be good, was.  We did a bit of shopping and was home by 5 p.m.  As we had left at 9.30, it made for a long day.  Road trips that are longer than half an hour create problems for my neck which result in it being sore and stiff and then I get a headache so I wasn't dancing the Watusi (not that I know how) when we got home.
We had dropped our Heidi off at the neighbour's who does her grooming so when we got home we had an excited and extra cute dog.
Still feeling the effects today but am getting some things done.  Hubby went off to play cards so I have had the afternoon to myself.
I finished adding the borders to a quilt and did a bit of tidying as well as taking our dog for a short walk.  I am gradually getting some of my old projects finished.  of course, I do start others but am trying to stay ahead.
We are enjoying a nice sunny day and it is good to have a few days when it isn't snowing.

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