Friday, January 2, 2015


I have had a productive day.  I only had one goal and that was to locate the bag of 5 inch squares that I wanted for my tumbler quilt.  I found that without any problem and that led to pulling out all the other bags with fabric, blocks and scraps.  I have sorted, tossed out and reorganized.  I have discarded a lot of bits and pieces as well as blocks that will never be used in anything, partially completed quilts that won't be quilted and fabric that makes me wonder why I've kept it. 
This will all go to a recycling place where it will, no doubt, be loved by someone.
It took me all morning and part of the afternoon to accomplish this.  Then I cut binding for a quilt that I finished at least two months ago and have attached it.  I will hand sew that tonight while watching the news.
It is nice to start the new year with a feeling of accomplishment and organization.  I am sure that by the time we are half way through this new year, I will need to do this again.  We do seem to accumulate, don't we?

Tomorrow, my goal is to put away all the Christmas decorations.  I discovered another method of recycling this year.  A friend asked if she could have our tree (real) when we were finished with it as her goats will nibble on it.  I love it when my cast offs can be put to use by someone else.

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  1. I had to clean out my sewing room so that our son and his wife could sleep in that room. It is good to go through things and see what I may have forgotten! LOL I have always wanted to make a tumbler block quilt. Someday!