Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another One Finished.

I finished sewing on the binding for this quilt last night.  Today, I have been cutting blocks for another small crib sized quilt.  By the way all the main blocks are the same colour.  I didn't notice how the light changed some of them. the darker ones are the most accurate shade.
Are you surviving the cold?  We were minus 35 with wind chill today but I went for a quick walk anyway.  I put booties on Heidi as well as her warmest blanket and we did a quick jaunt down the driveway and back.
The driveway got a quick plow today so we will be able to get out tomorrow.  He has to come back and use the bucket to move the snow as it is too frozen to be pushed back with a blower.  Once that gets done, hubby should be able to manage again with our tractor. 

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