Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Community Pride

Our community has a thriving arts community.  They have a building where they are able to display and sell their creations, a Facebook (Burk's Falls Art and Crafts Club Art Centre) page and members from all parts of our region.  I joined it last year and today went to the monthly business meeting.  I find that belonging to the club, in addition to it being another venue for promoting and selling my quilts, gives me a chance to meet other artists in the area.  There seems to be representatives of nearly every aspect of art-painters, woodworking, jewelry, soap, hand made cards, scarves, clothing, bags, quilts and much, much more.
I am very proud of the fact that despite the low population we have a disproportionate number of very talented people.  I have in the past mentioned the musicians, writers and actors that also live here.

I believe that if you like something you should support it.  In some cases,  that means buying and promoting and in others, volunteering for. I am the volunteer Public Relations Committee person for the center.
What aspects of your community make you proud? 

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