Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dead or Not.

Aren't icicles lovely?  These are hanging outside one of my studio windows and the bright sun is making them shimmer. 
I just discovered how dependant I am on my cell phone.  The battery has quit and needs to be replaced so the phone is not working.  I have ordered a new battery and hope it will be here before we leave for a 2 hour plus drive through the snow belt on Thursday.  A friend thinks he has an extra battery which may work in my phone so I will check that out tomorrow.
In the meantime, since Monday morning and now, there has been 3 occasions when I needed the phone.  Now, for those who have their phone permanently attached to their ear, this may seem like a negligible number but it is inconvenient for me.  I rarely use it but, when I want to, I like to know it is there.  I like to know it is there even if I don't need to use it.
Of course, now that I have ordered the battery, the phone has decided to take a charge so whether the replacement arrives in time or not, I may be able to still use this one for a bit longer.

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