Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tumbling Tumblers.

Our tree is down and waiting outside for our neighbour to pick it up.  She raises goats and she wanted the tree for them to nibble.  I didn't know goats did that but am more than happy to do another form of recycling.  I must remember the goats when we cut down an evergreen.
I don't have the decorations put away yet as there is still another tree and the house things to take down.  It takes me a bit of time to get everything organized for the next year as I like to have the items for each tree separate and the house decorations in another container.
We have a snow squall watch and it has been snowing-although not heavily, all day.  I have had a large pot of chili cooking on the woodstove and the aroma goes nicely with the outdoor scene.  A bit of snow or a lot, for that matter, doesn't keep me in doors so I was out for a tramp through the bush mid afternoon.  Even if I did want to stay indoors, it is obvious from the look on Heidi's face that she knows it is time to go out and she is just waiting for me.

I have been making these tumbling tumbler blocks for a while from a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial.  I want all the tumblers to be from a different fabric and realized I was going to have to get them on my display wall as I couldn't remember what I had done. Good thing I did as I found a couple of repeats. This background looks orange but it is actually a mottle brown.
This photo reminds me that I have to put all the pictures I took this year in a separate folder and marked with the year.  I have so many pictures that if I don't do this, it takes me ages to find anything.
Happy New Year.  Thank you for reading this blog throughout 2014.  Your support means more to me than I am able to express.

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  1. I just finished reading your article in The Quilt Pattern Magazine, and it hit me hard. My husband was an avid golfer, and hunter, and I am the quilter. I too, was fortunate to have a husband that cooked and cleaned, yes, even the toilets. We shared the chores, so if he was in a golf tournament, or I was at quilt camp, neither of us suffered. I lost him to cancer last Jan. 4th, and I miss him all the time. I never complained when he 'needed' new golf clubs or hunting supplies, and he quite often accompanied me on fabric shopping trips. We used to go camping in our trailer in the summers, he went golfing, while I quilted, and when he came back we usually did something together, and then in the evenings after dinner and a walk, we put in a movie and I quilted some more. It is so incredible to have someone that understands our passions, and encourages them too.