Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who Let the Dog Out

I just got back from going for a walk with the dog.  I have a choice of three routes I can take and I try to alternate them as each has a different terrain.  If I follow the trail through our property, I have to walk slower because there are a lot of things that could cause me to trip.  Using this route, I believe, helps my balance.  If I go north on the road there are a lot of hills, whereas to the south it is easier so I go further and include a bit of running.
I haven't done the latter route for a while because I have been trying to build up my stamina but, today, that way was my choice.  It was nice to be able to walk at a good clip at least until the neighbour's dog came at us.  It is a large one but friendly so not a danger.  However, it kept dancing around Heidi and she kept trying to avoid it.  Not fun.  My repeated shouts to go home didn't make much difference but it did, eventually, go away.  Of course, we had to pass it again on the return trip.
I find it very annoying when people don't keep their dogs under control.  Obviously, this one was outside on its own.  It could have been hit by a vehicle.  I know the owner and he is a responsible person, a retired police officer, but has a blind spot as to his dog.
I always carry my cane with me in case there is a need to ward off something wild and waving it around often deters the tamer animals.  If necessary I could take a poke at a annoying dog but I hate to do it.  It isn't the dog that is at fault.
I shall probably have to avoid going in that direction although I shouldn't have to make the choice.  Life, no matter where you live, is never without problems.

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