Thursday, November 15, 2012

Run Henny Penny.

My husband is feeling much better so I am able to get some more things done today.  I have been working on the last pattern for my book and will give you a peek.  It isn't finished but, as you can see, it is one of those pattern in a pattern ones. The photo doesn't really do it justice but as it is just a tiny peek, I guess that is okay.

Our wee Heidi was a bad dog yesterday.  I went out to gather eggs and put the chickens in for the night when I noticed one was missing.  The black hen is quite adventurous and I guess she decided it wasn't curfew time for her.  She came wandering by, Heidi saw her, she ran, Heidi ran and so did I.  I always put her (dog's) leash on even if we are staying in the yard and this is one of the reasons why.  I was able to step on the trailing lead; it is five feet long, and bring her to a halt.  I think she was just curious but she got a good scolding anyway.  We are trying to teach her to leave the hens alone but it will probably take a few lessons.

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