Friday, November 2, 2012

World's Best Soup

We arrived back from shopping a short time ago and noticed that the hydro had been out.  When I went into the studio, I saw that the computer monitor was blank.  Mini panic.  Turned everything off, back on.  Nothing.  Waited for an eon or two and there it was. I am so attached to my computer that losing it can send me into a bit of a tizzy.
I bought some backing fabric for my wedding quilt while in town and then picked up at parcel at the post office which contained more fabric so I have my material fix for a bit.  I have a pattern that needs to be made up as a sample so had to get the fabric for that.  Also bought more of the backing material that I am using in one of the hand applique projects because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough.  That happens to me frequently which, if I am doing a scrappy it isn't too much of a problem.  However, that rarely seems to be the time when I discover I need another few inches of a particular colour.
I mentioned to one of the ladies in group that I am, one day, going to pick out a pattern and buy all the fabric I need to make it.  She reminded me that as we often change our mind as to where we want a fabric to go that my plan probably still wouldn't work.  I guess I will stick with my usual habit of finding-or designing, a pattern that uses what I already have or mostly have.
I have a new favourite restaurant.  We had lunch at a place called The Farmer's Daughter in Huntsville and the food was fabulous.  I had mushroom soup and was angling for the recipe. Definitely a place that will get further business from me.

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