Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Running Afowl.

It is a foggy day in the backwoods today but, thankfully, that is outside.  My head has cleared up as has all the flu symptoms and I am getting things done.  I have started editing my book so am on the home stretch for getting it published.  Still have a couple more patterns to do but one is almost finished.
I thought, yesterday that I might have to buy another printer.  I was part way through printing the book,  as I prefer reading on paper than a screen, and I got a paper jam.  Of course, I did what you are not to do and just pulled out the sheet.  It was intact so I thought I was alright.  Nope.  Spent the rest of the evening searching for non existent bits of paper.  I even disassembled some of the printer, used my little hand vacuum, wiped what I could see all without success.  While I was doing this, the ink cartridges didn't move from its position part way across the carriage.  I figured they were stuck and as I wasn't risking anything by 'encouraging' them.  I gave them a push, they moved and the error message went out.  Voila.
This morning I had to put everything back in place around the printer stand (I will really be glad when I have the extra room in my new studio) and finished the printing.
We have been having some problems with one of our chickens.  She keeps escaping the fenced in area.  She avoided detection the first time and spent the night outside which, if chicken are able to reason, should have cured her wandering problem.  It didn't, however, and Roger has been busy trying to find all her escape areas.  As she is one of the ones not laying at the moment, her days may be numbered!
Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers.  I have been getting Black Friday sales information on my computer all week.

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