Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Little Chicken Fun

We had a fun day at our local quilt group yesterday making non-quilting things.  One of the ladies was going to show us how to make a snap closing bag and I was doing a session on making pin cushion chickens.
We decided to do the chickens first and that was as far as we got.  This group of creative ladies decided to put wings on their chickens which I hadn't done.  I had to-if you will forgive the really bad pun, wing it.  We stumbled and laughed our way through that part and on to the rest.  Counting myself, there were 8 ladies making the chickens and what a time it was.
There were a lot of false starts, many repeated instructions, suggestions (!) of alternative methods and, above all, laugher.  At the end of the session, everyone did complete a chicken and we made the decision to leave the bag until the following week.  The ladies then went on to try a few variations.
I've promised to write up a set of detailed instructions that will include photos and some of the variations.  I am going to try making one of white satin and lace.
We all found that making these things are addictive.
The craft sale on Saturday went fairly well.  I sold some of my things-including a number of chickens, as well as some of the quilt groups products.
My husband isn't feeling well today and is in bed.  I am hoping he doesn't have the flu as we are supposed to be going away tomorrow and Saturday.

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