Friday, November 16, 2012

My Retreat

It is still pretty dreary outside.  A spot of sunshine would be nice to add a bit of zip to the day.  However, a dreary day when you are retired and living your dream is still better than a sunny day working. 
There was a picture on the news this morning of a retreat and it showed this gorgeous view from a picture window where a man was lounging.  For a moment, I felt envious and then remembered, I have basically the same view from all my windows.
One of my favourite spots in my new quilt room is going to be my corner where I hand sew.  It will be my very own little retreat area.
My retreat Area

Even now, with the construction material all around, I like to go, sit on the rocker and just contemplate.

View from the Window

As you can see, the scene right now is pretty drab but it will be beautiful when we have a snowfall and, believe me, you will be getting to see the photos then.  You know what I am like with winter photography!
Another busy weekend ahead so I guess I better get started on my work.

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