Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Internet Blues.

Just a quick note to let you know I am still alive and busy.  I have to go out today and likely won't be back until late so I thought I would just write a bit now.
On Saturday, we had our Christmas parade in the village with a record number of floats.  Friday night was the annual lighting of the tree, so our season has now officially started.
I have been having a lot of problem with my Internet service again.  If you live in a rural area and are considering getting the turbo stick (that operates on cell phone waves) do not do it.  It is the most frustrating system I have ever had.  Bell doesn't seem to offer any solution-reduced rates, booster so I just keep phoning and complaining.  My contract doesn't finish until next September.  I haven't called yet to see if I can cancel because they aren't living up to their terms but will look at that after Christmas.
We won't up to 12 degree weather this morning.  Our snow is gone and none is forecast for the next while.  If it stays like this, everything is going to start blooming again.
the lack of Internet and busyness has made it difficult getting the last bit of the book done but I am hoping for this weekend.
Will keep you posted.

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