Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Fowl Stories

If those of you living in other countries heard a loud cheer this morning, it wasn't because of a sports team wining a game.  We received e mail notification this morning that Craftsy is, once again, shipping to Canada.  They are one of my favourite souces of fabric and books as well as patterns (the few that I buy). I was disappointed when they decided not to ship north. 
Whatever the reason for the decision-monetary, probably-we are now able to once again spend our hard earned loonies (slang for a dollar coin) on their products.
It is gradually getting colder here in the backwoods.  We are having to feed the woodstove more frequently and bare arms aren't as comfortable.  It is still above freezing but that is supposed to change by the weekend.
We are starting to take care of the final details of our trip to England.  I am going to book a motel for the night before today and will be getting my dress for the wedding started on Monday.  I am taking advantage of the large table space at quilt group to cut the fabric.  After that, all we have to do is pack and show the lady who is going to be looking after the house and chickens where everything is.
Once this month is finished, I am sure the time will go quickly so I don't want to leave anything to the last minute.  Any available time has a habit of filling up in a twinkle.  And now I am going to have a look at the specials that Craftsy is promoting.

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