Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Bit of This and That

It is a bit of a blah day.  My husband is in bed ill with the flu.  He is a bit better than yesterday but still not well enough to let him fend for himself.  I was supposed to go to Orillia and meet my sister for lunch but had to cancel.  She is here from England and I hate to miss the opportunity to see her but life is what it is.  We shall be at her place in just over a month so we can do catch up then.
I am doing a bit of sewing, a bit of quilting and a bit of writing today. I have cut out a blouse to make, want to sew up some pin cushion chickens to give as Christmas gifts.  I have got, monetarily anyway, rather addicted to them.  I also have to finish up my next article for the Quilt Pattern Magazine.  It is due on Tuesday.  I am almost finished that  Just have to add a bit more and do a rewrite.

Here are a couple of pictures to remind you of the summer.  I am looking forward to having snow covered ground to take away the dinginess but, until it happens, I will just look at my photos.

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  1. Hi Anna;
    The chichens sound like a fun project.
    Do show us some pictures!