Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Small flock

I am making little pin cushion chickens.  A great way to use up bits and pieces of fabric.  Am also thawing tomatoes and fruit so I can make chili sauce and jam tomorrow.  That is two different recipes not some weird combination.
Took my car in to get the winter tires done this morning and am waiting for them to call so I can pick it up.  I find it hard to get into anything when I am waiting for someone/thing. 
My quilt room is an absolute mess again.  I had kept it tidy for a while and then I was looking for something and there are boxes and fabric all over the place.  Tidying that up might be a good thing to do while waiting for that phone call.
I really am looking forward to getting into my new quilt studio so I can have everything where I can see it.  Even though my various things are in labeled clear totes, I still have to root around trying to find the correct one and, if I am just looking for a piece of fabric that 'might' do, the rooting turns into a mess.  I know I shouldn't complain.  Many quilters have to sew on their kitchen table.  I really am fortunate.  I not only have a nice room but am getting a bigger one.  Even more important is that I am married to someone who supports what I do. (There now I feel better)
I hope, if you are American, that you took time to vote yesterday.  I recently watched a video that showed how really dreadful women were treated when they tried to get the right to vote.  I am afraid it is now another of those rights we take for granted.
A Small flock

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