Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storms and Wild Animals

It has been a longer than normal length between posts.  On Tuesday, our hydro was out and then we had company.  Yesterday, we were away and, after we got home, I  forgot.
Hurricane Sandy has left such devastation and it is going to take years to recover.  I am thankful that there wasn't a great loss of life although if there was only one and that person was someone close to you, it is devastating.  We have have had two deaths in Ontario but many more in in other countries.  Rescuing continues as well as restoring hydro, transit systems and normalcy.
I can't help but wonder how many of those that needed rescuing from their homes were people who ignored warnings to evacuate.  Perhaps none of them but it does seem like there are always a few who feel they know better than experts and then depend on others to save them if they are wrong. 
This doesn't just happen during storm related disasters. I've seen the same pattern during thin ice warnings, approaching fires or signs telling the public not to feed wild animals.  Some people still refuse to use seat belts, put down their cell phones or avoid driving when intoxicated.
These folk insist they have the right to choose but when their choice puts others at risk they have made the wrong choice.
I have finally finished my maple leaf quilt top and it is being quilted as I write.  I am working on another top now as well as making a dress. 
My husband continues to make progress on the addition.  It is mostly the detail stuff now.  I am going to pick up some paint today to do the window trim and the ceiling boards.  Deer hunting starts next week so he will be taking a well deserved rest.
Hard to believe tomorrow is Friday already.

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