Friday, November 23, 2012


We have had a heavy rainfall this morning and it is supposed to get steadily colder as the day goes on which is going to make for a nasty drive home for commuters.
I am snug in my backwoods rug with the stove going, gentle music on the radio and my Internet working.  We are planning on going to an area craft sale tomorrow if the roads are okay.  If not, we will stay home.
I finally figured out what I am going to do for the corner blocks on a pattern.  Seems a simple enough situation but because the border is pieced and the way the colours lined up, I just couldn't decide.  I finally picked one of the blocks from the pattern and used it.  Perfect. Often when I come up with a design, it seems so simple that I wonder if anyone will find it interesting enough to do.  However, when I start working out the details, I have the opposite reaction.  I hope to get this top done today and ready for the frame.  I also need to do some baking as my husband is running out of munchies.  Will probably do that this afternoon.
Is anyone taking advantage of the grey Thursday, black Friday or cyber Monday sales?  I looked at a few things on line but there wasn't anything that tempted me to spend.  Things I would like but not enough to put it on a credit card.  So, I guess I saved a lot of money!
My cactus plants are blooming.  This is the first time since we moved here and they are covered in beautiful red blooms.
Hope all is well in your part of your world.

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