Friday, March 4, 2011

Wee Doggie

Our little Heidi wasn't feeling well this morning.  She didn't eat her food or any treats.  We were, of course, quite concerned.  I took her for a walk after breakfast and she romped around just as always and, once we were back in the house, she ate everything.  Not sure what that was about but glad it wasn't anything serious.
I finished up another pattern today.  This one is the blue quilt that I had on the blog a few days ago.  I am getting quicker at doing the patterns but still keep getting hung up on something.  This time the fabric amounts weren't working out properly.  Then I realized I was working with the wrong size block.
I should think my math skills are improving.
We are getting a snow storm again.  It is the World Day of Prayer and when my husband and I went out before two the sun was shining and the temperature above freezing.  When we came out of the church ninety minutes later, it was snowing.
Hope it will be nice for Sunday as we are having company.
Have a great weekend.

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