Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Lesson

Free Patterns

You may be wondering why I have posted this pattern again.  It is because I have just learnt how so do something new.  My web master (mistress) Rachel, previously taught me how to add a link to my photos.  Today, she showed me how to add a name so that when someone is searching for an image (photo) of winter or free pattern, mine will pop up with a link to my web page.
Isn't that the neatest thing?
You may already know how to do this but as I am, officially, approaching old age, I am quite excited about learning new techie stuff.  Especially as it is something I have been wanting to be able to do for some time.  So, thank you, Rachel!
Today, while I am mucking about on the computer, my dear husband is boiling maple syrup.  It isn't running that well this year due to weather conditions so he decided he might as well get at what he has.  He has the cell phone with him so I can be a good wife and take him lunch and tea as needed.
I can see him working from my studio window and I feel a bit guilty watching him slaving away so I had better get something accomplished myself.  Back to the sewing machine.

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