Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Snow and Good News.

We went to Huntsville this morning to do our shopping and returned home just in time.  It has been snowing and blowing all afternoon and there is a prediction that it will continue through tomorrow.  My husband was going to go to Orillia  to spend the day with his family but that got postponded because of the weather.
It is hard to believe that we go back to day light saving time on Sunday and the following Sunday is the first day of spring.  Probably is somewhere but not here.
Got some good news yesterday and then more today.  I sold my first two patterns from my web site just before I went out for a meeting.  Very encouraging news.  When you are doing anything artistic; whether writing, painting, woodworking, you are never sure if anyone else is going to like your creation.  It is a real boost to find out they do.  Today, a local quilt store owner said she was interested in carrying my patterns.  I have to book a meeting with her to discuss the particulars.  Again, an encouragement.
I finished making my Elvis bag today.  I don't really know what I am going to do with it but a person can't have to many carrier bags especially if it has Elvis' picture on it!

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