Friday, March 18, 2011

A Contest

I am thinking about holding a draw to mark the one month anniversary of my web site.  I haven't quilte decided how to do it yet so stay tuned.
I noticed that we have another sign of approaching spring; I can now see the bottom step at the back door entrance.  The snow had been covering it all winter which made the dog happy as she could jump from the ground to the landing.  We had so much rain last night, combined with wind, that I am surprised to see there is any snow left at all but the bush still has quite a lot.  Our lane, on the other hand is bare and muddy.  The car tires sunk about four inches when I got back from picking up the mail in the village.  Guess I will have to park somewhere else for a while.  We need to get some gravel on that part of the hill.
I was just talking to my sister-in-law and she and my brother have just bought some chicks.  We have been think about it but it isn't something you do to save money.  When you factor in cost of the birds, feed, heat etc., they will end up costing about $8.00 each.  On the upside, they won't be pumped full of water or anything else.
There has been quite a response to the free patterns on the web site so I am going to get busy and do some more.  I am thinking of an applique that would be nice for a child's quilt. 
And now, my bread needs to come out of the oven and the dog is waiting for her walk.

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