Thursday, March 31, 2011


I recently finished this vest.  It is pieced and reversable.  I used Jodi Barrows, Square in a Square ruler for the blocks.
This is another of those projects that has been laying in my WIP (work in progress)  drawer for over four years.
I have also been working on a paper pieced quilt and was having trouble with one of sections.   I did it four times.  The first time I  put the pieces in in the wrong order, the second time, I did the same thing.  Then I put piece in upside down.  By now the paper is in pretty bad shape so I had to tape it. Fourth time through I got it done correctly.  I could have understood if this was the first time I made the section but it wasn't.  This was the last block.
Sometimes you just have to keep at it.  I probably would have started from the beginning with a fresh pattern but I didn't want to print another one.
Anyway, after all that, I just have the corner pieces to do and the top is finished.  And people expect to buy quilts for the same price you can get one at Walmart!

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