Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsanami and Block of the Month

The title of today's blog couldn't be more opposing than if I had planned it.  We have been watching the news reports of the tsanami that has hit Japan and is headed for our west coast.  With the closeness that the internet has caused, I 'know' people all over the world and, wherever disaster strikes-man or nature made-there is someone I am thinking about.
The other effect of the immediacy of news is that there is a tendancy to get , not quite bored, but certainly blase about the reports.  As we watched the same photos and heard the same reports being repeated over and over, I found that my mind was wandering and I started thinking about turning the television off.  It isn't that the devestation doesn't cause concern but just that we are getting used to it. We have information overload.
And so, while I will keep an ear open for the news, my day continues.
I am putting together a free block to share for the 15th of this month.  There will also, a few days later, be a quilt pattern that uses it.  That will be on my web page but I will let you know in case you are interested.
I now have to, once more, tackle the mess that has accumulated in my studio.
Do you have, like me, difficulty in keeping things in their proper place or, perhaps, even have a problem finding where that place should be?  There is an excellent article in this month's issue of Quilter's Connection that you might find helpful. Kristie Demke has one suggestion which I found particularly interesting which is to determine the purpose of your room. Once that has been done you can remove (or store in an out of sight place) those things which don't belong.  I am going to take a good look around my space and see how I can improve my mess.  I am also, as she suggests, going to try to stop quilting a few minutes before I need to and put things back where they belong.  Try being the operative word.

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