Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Me and the Dog

I have had both an early and a late start to this day.  The dog woke me around 2 a.m. and I didn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours so I slept in this morning.  I didn't get up until 8, which, I know, is not sleeping in to most people but we usually have the day started by 7 a.m.
I watched the news with my husband and then saw him out the door as he was going to spend a bit of time with his parents.  So, I am now in my office and it isn't even ten o'clock. 
I am in the midst of putting another quilt pattern together and want to get at one more unfinished item.  I am going to consider myself at work until later afternoon.  I will need to check the maple syrup buckets to ensure they aren't overflowing but, aside from that, the day is mine.
Our temperatures are above freezing and there is a light rain so you can almost see the snow disappearing.  It is way to early but I am thinking about my flower gardens.  I am not an avid gardener but do enjoy getting everything ready for another season of colour.  I stick mainly to wildflowers that will attract and feed the butterflies and other smaller creatures. The rest of the plants are perennials that pretty much look after themselves except for an occasional thining or deadheading.
Time for another cup of tea and then back to the cutting table.

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