Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phone Calls

I think I have spent the whole morning on the phone.  As I was away both all day and into the evening yesterday, today is spent catching up.  There are people who need to be reminded of meetings, others to contact about various  events etc.  I have always disliked talking on the phone but hate not having one.  If the service goes out, I feel as though I have lost an arm.  At the same time, if the thing keeps ringing, it drives me crazy.
I think my calls are done for the day so now can get on with other stuff.  I have been working on a quilt pattern design so need to do more on that.  I also want to take a walk back to the pond.  My husband tells me that our beavers are busy working on the dam and the sign of their activity is evident from the tracks on both the ice on the pond and the snow covered shore. 
Each year, spring seems to reveal itself in different ways.  Last year, we were hoping that beaver would move to the pond and this year we can celebrate the arrival of the cubs or kittens or whatever the babies are called.
Our loon, crane and other birds should soon be making an appearance.  I love hearing the loons call in the morning and evening as it travels from the pond to the nearby lake.  There is nothing more Canadian than that long mournful note echoing through the stillness.
For those of you who quilt, have you checked out Jinny Beyer's free patterns?  What an amazing designer she is.

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