Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Beautiful Reminder

These photos were taken on Saturday.  Such a beautiful day.  I could have taken have pictures all day. The first one was taken on my sisters property and shows how thickly the snow was lying on the trees.  The other is of the sap buckets waiting for the weather to warm up.
The final shot shows the wonderful contrast between deep blue sky and snow iced trees. I took two or three of these photos.  I could hardly see what I was aiming at because of the brilliance of the sun and it didn't help that the snow was dropping on me from the overladen branches.
This day was a blessing as I had started getting grumpy about the continuing winter.  It served as a reminder of why I enjoy this time of year so much.
In addition to taking photos, I have started working on some freebies for my web site.  I hope to have something on by the end of the week.  I am also making surprisingly good progress on the quilt I am top stitching by hand.    I thought this might be a summer project but it looks as though it will be done in a couple of weeks.

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