Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March BOM

This month's block of the month is ready for you.  In retrospect, I should have done something with the colour green but didn't think of it at the time.  You will need to go to my web page (http://www.arkangelcreations.org/) to access the pattern.  Just look for the Free Stuff page.  I have included the easy half square triangle method in the instructions.

I am working on a quilt pattern that uses this star as a center block.  It should be ready near the end of the week.
Did you know that yesterday was pi day?  I didn't.  Apparently, it happens on the 14th day of the third month because of the numbers 3,1 and 4 relate to pi.  You can look it up on wikipedia as they explain it better than I can.  Numbers and I don't have a very good relationship. You celebrate the day by eating pie, of course.
We have had above freezing temperatures for a few days now so it is starting to look, or at least feel, a little like spring here in the backwoods.  Later today, we will be gathering the sap that has accumulated in the pails.  There isn't much yet but my husband has to go away tomorrow and doesn't want to take a chance on them overflowing.
Making maple syrup is very much a go slow and then hurry up process.  We only have about an inch left in our last jar so I am looking forward to replenishing our stock.

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