Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something Different

I am doing something different on my quilt frame today.  I want to hand quilt my Mosaic Windows quilt and thought it would be easier to baste with my machine and frame.  I have it all set up and ready to start.
It is somewhat nerve wracking doing those first few stitches on a project.  Not sure why.  The worst that can happen is  needle or thread breakage or, perhaps, a snarl of stitches and these have all happened and been dealt with numerous other times.
It is strange how we can be apprehensive over nothing.  One of those irrational fears, I guess.
It has been quite breezy in the backwoods this morning.  The trees were almost dancing and a few times the wind carried the snow from the ground into a swirling, white tornado.  It seems to have settled down here now but other areas of the province are still getting a sweeping.  I expect we will have a few limbs down either on our property or my sister's.
I will let you know how I make out with the basting.  If it works, it will certainly be easier than all the pinning that I usually do.

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