Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Antiques and Free Stuff

Do you like antiques?  I am not fond of most things that are labelled 'collectables' (althougth I have a few) but I do enjoy the solid, hand made articles of the past especially if it belonged to a family member.  We have a lovely set of dishes that were owned by my husband's Grandmother.  We couldn't afford to replace even a saucer if it were to get broken but we try not to just use them on special days.  We also have a chest of drawers that belonged to a great-grandparent again from my husband's family.  My side has contributed jewelry and a few smaller items.  We have a couple other bits and pieces of furniture that is quite old that we found at sales or were given to us.
I have recently started collecting pin cushions and am watching for any that are unique or old.  One of my favourite web sites, Sisters Quilting Expo, has a number of reproduction sewing items which are quite nice.
Because of the size of our home, anything collected is going to have to be small so sewing things fall into that catagory.
I have just completed another block with will go onto my web site as a free pattern.  This one would be perfect for a little boy and is called Dinosaur Garden. If I have done this correctly, you should be able to click on the name and the link will take you to the pattern.  It hasn't been downloaded (uploaded) just yet but will be later today.
It still isn't very warm yet.  My dear man is waiting to get his maple syrup done. Like more things in life, things happen when they do.

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