Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tracks in the Snow

My husband has had a nasty cold since Saturday and is just starting to feel well enough to go outside.  This has, fortunately, conincided with what looks to be a nice day.  We have not had a snow fall for three days and, with the warmer weather, the snow banks are starting to recede somewhat.  We still can't see the bottom step which is at the back door.  In the winter time, Heidi can easily jump onto the landing rather than walk up the steps.  She doesn't really like the stairs as her chain tends to catch on the corners (which I am always planning to round off) and prevent her from getting to the door;   the travails of a tiny dog.
A friend that lives half hour or so north of us said that she saw a bobcat in her back yard (the four legged variety) last week.  She had been seeing tracks and suspected that this was the source.  She, understandably, was quite excited.  These creatures are people shy and usually stick to the bush.  I think they are also nocturnal.
We see a lot of tracks around our home as well and, while we can identify most of them-deer, rabbit, wolf etc.  there are others that we aren't quite sure who made them.
When I lived in the city, I used to look at skid marks and try to figure out what had caused them-ice, animal and where the vehicle had stopped.  Often the marks were left by more than one vehicle so I could guess at who was at fault and why.  When you are on the road a lot, such things are interesting.
Now, of course, the majority of tracks I see on the road is left by wildlife.  That changes a bit during the summer as the fair weather residents return to their cottages but this area is still relitively traffic free.
I expect that will change eventually but probably not for a few years and we are far enough from the road that it still should be quiet.
I am, once again, organizing my quilt room and right now there is fabric and quilt tops piled on every surface.  Should have that finished today.  I hope. 

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