Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Changes

You may have noticed that I have added some links to the side of the blog.  Thanks to my webmaster, Rachel's, guidance, I now know how to do that.  I will continue to add sites as I go along.  Most of them will be quilt related and will include free patterns, instructions etc.  I will also be adding my own web page link when it is up and running.
Once it is on line, I will also have free stuff as well as my patterns.  This is a big step and will mean more time spent in designing so I can bring you some new fabric arrangements.  However, it is something I have been wanting to do for a few years so I am quite excited about it becoming a reality.
On Sunday, a lady gave me a poem that had been printed in a local paper in 1989.  It is called, "The Quilting Bee" and is by Hazel Bently who is no longer with us. Although, few of us are fortunate enough to have been involved in a bee, I find that many of the things Mrs. Bently mentions, still happen today in our quilt groups.  In Burk's Falls, we even have our own Alice who always has something interesting to share.
We all like to gather around the quilt
It is called a quilting bee
When all of us do our very best
For each and everyone to see
Our needles fly swiftly in and out
And the tongues wag just as fast.
Some people say, 'it's a gossip group
Diggin' up things from the past'.
We tell jokes about by gone days
About beaus and their pretty belles,
But nothing is nearly so funny to all
As the stories that Alice tells
And then around about three o'clock
Everything stops for lunch
And Oh! the goodies that do appear
Soon satisfy a hungry bunch.
Now that's not all by a very long shot,
We have wonderful times you see
But if you want to know more of what goes on
Just come out to our quilting bee.


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