Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Earth and Marriage

There is always debate on whether it is better to marry someone with whom you have a lot in common or an opposite.  My husband and I are opposites and it seems to work well for us.  This morning I was trying to find a couple of small communities on a map.  I wanted to see where they are in relationship to each other.  They weren't on the map I had so I asked my husband if he could find them on Google Earth.  This, as you probably know, is a program where you can locate areas, specific buildings such as Tower of London, sites, monuments (Statue of Liberty) and so on.  Roger is very good at using it but I have never spent any time figuring it out.  He located the communities I was interested in and even wandered down the streets of the village.
Despite my lack of Google Earth expertise, I am the computer expert of the family.  I am also the one who knows how to spell,  am logical and a hermit.  My husband is good with numbers, is outgoing and humble.  He is also the romantic one (yes, I know I am lucky). We  have opposite tastes in music although we both share a love of gospel and the blues.  We are both readers, enjoy the outdoors, animals and being active.  We are both creative.
So I guess the answer to the opposites or same questions is it is best to have a mix.  The same in important things and differing in others so as to be interesting.  I always say that my husband and I together make one complete person and that is the way it should be.
Welcome to the blogs newest followers.  You will find a number of free patterns, BOM's (just realized I didn't do this months yet) and quilting hints.
It is raining here today and above freezing so we should be losing more snow.

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