Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letting Off Steam

I am irritated enough to melt all the snow in our backyard! I mentioned yesterday about a web site that had a pattern that I wanted to buy but they only sold to Americans. I was offered the home address of an on line contact which was very generous of her.  I put it into company's order form and then found that I had to pay by credit card.  You can guess the next problem-my credit card address didn't match the one given.  Well of course not.
All this idiocy for a downloaded six dollar pattern.  I sent them an e mail that should get their attention.

Irritation #2.  We have a neighbour with a large dog.  When they first moved in, the dog was allowed to run free and, of course, it came here as we have a female.  Dogs being dogs, it left evidence of its visit.  I went to the neighbour and told them of the problem and we haven't had any more visits.  None until the last two days that is.  I am not sure what to do next.  Pack up the evidence and leave it on their step?  Call the dog patrol?  Visit them again?
I don't want to have bad feelings with neighbours and I certainly won't do anything to the dog but it is causing problems.  The mess is bad enough but the reaction of our dog is even worse.  She barks her little head off and starts running frantically all around the house trying to get to the other animal.  Argh.

Irritation # 3 (It's been a bad day). This one isn't anything to do with me but I never let a chance to be annoyed go past.  You will, of course, be aware that earlier this week we were warned about a severe snow storms.  Motorists were advised to stay home.  Many did.  Schools closed, meetings were cancelled and I am sure some business were operating with few employees.  It turned out that although we did get a storm, it wasn't as bad as predicted.  Now, the media is chuckling at Torontonians because they over reacted.  How fair is that.  People did as was suggested and then are told they are wimps.  I get a bit tired of the Toronto bashing.  What the media chose to ignore was that if the highways had little traffic, it was because the people who commute to Toronto stayed home.

Now I feel better.  My husband has already heard me going on and on and on about this so I needed a new audiance.  Isn't it nice to be able to let off steam once in a while.  Now I can go back to quilting and be relaxed.


  1. I totally agree. Sites that don't take Paypal, only credit cards are my pet peeve. I don't use credit cards because of my own issues, but they could at least make it known before you shop and make an account and etc etc, why methods of payment they do accept!
    As for doggie doo, my doggie doo's too, but on a leash so I can control where she goes. Maybe your neighbour felt it was too cold to go out with her dog??????
    Now, for snow storms. Or NOT-So snow storms. It is no wonder that people don't take weather warnings seriously when so much hype is made of storms that don't happen, or pass outside of the 'expected' area, and no warning given when the real thing is coming. No sympathy though. This is Canada. Snow happens in winter. Prepare for it, embrace it, and quit whining people!

  2. I remember one early April about 20 years ago. The weather bureau failed to forecast a blizzard, and there were lots of complaints about that, people stranded, etc, etc, etc. Well, anybody with two eyes hooked up to a brain could have seen that you shouldn't have been going anywhere unnecessarily. But, of course, it was all the weatherman's fault, people should have been told. Sheesh! Grow up! So now they go the other way, and we have warnings and get nothing.
    Any way you look at it--I'm ready for spring!!