Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Last Storm?

If you are anywhere on this side of North America, you are probably getting a snow storm.  Seems as though most of the estern United States and Canada are hunkering down and waiting. 
We weren't supposed to be affected up here but it is snowing quite heavily.  I cancelled my hair appointment and rebooked for tomorrow.
So, today I will finish the stew I started yesterday, make some biscuits and work on a quilt.
I had a frustrating situation with an internet quilt site last night.  I saw a lovely pattern that I wanted to order and, as it was a downloaded, didn't think there would be any problems-pay the fee, push a button.  I noticed that they didn't ship to Canada but as I wasn't getting it shipped, again, I didn't think there was a concern.
Turns out I was wrong.  You have to give them a U.S. address.  I could probably figure out the pattern by looking at the picture but I would have liked to have their instructions plus, as they have lots of free stuff, given them a bit of support.
I may end up seeing if I can use the address of an American on line friend but it is a nuisance.
Better get this posted as it looks as though my internet service is flickering.

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