Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo Problems

The end of another week.  Monday is Valentine's day and then the following week it is Family Day long weekend. Both the groundhogs and the Farmer's Almanac are predicting an early spring.  My husband is already talking about and preparing for maple syrup time.  Me?  I am just trying to keep up with the things that need doing.
My pattern has been uploaded onto Sisters Quilting Expo web page and the owner of the on line store is asking for at least two more.  I think I will do a paperpiecing one next and then, perhaps an applique.  I will then have covered the major quilting forms.
Our weather started out nice and sunny this morning but, as it has warmed up, the snow has once again begun to fall.  Next week, we are promised warmer and brighter weather.
I have been trying to upload a picture I have of a dog standing in the rain with a bright red, inside out, umbrella beside him.  He is soaking wet and looking as dejected as a dog can.  He is the image of our Heidi after I have given her a bath. Unfortunately, I am getting a message saying the server is refusing it.
I had just been giving my husband a lesson in how to upload photos to his Facebook page and was feeling quite pleased with myself.  Another example of pride coming before a fall.
So, here is differant and equally cute photo.
Enjoy your weekend,

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