Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Income Tax Time

As I write this, my husband is sitting at the kitchen table doing our income tax return.  We get a property tax credit this year because of my advancing age-an advantage of marrying an 'older women' that my husband never considered.
Another benefit of being retired (besides all the credits) is that the return is easier to do.  As I have usually been self employed or had a small business of some sort, mine has always been a bit more complicated.  I paid to have it done for a number of years and then noticed that the preparer was using a computer program.  As I often had to advise them of some of the decudtions, I figured I might as well do it all myself.  I bought a simple program and did just that.
I am hoping, of course, that my latest business-quilt pattern design, will be successful so I might have to go back to the computer program again.  But, if I have to, I have to.  It will be a small price to pay for being an international celebrity (If this were an e mail, I would now insert the letters ROTFLOL).
I have been making lists of all the quilt patterns I have designed over the years and I am surprised just how many there are.  The designing is the easy part.  The hard step is writing the instructions so they can be followed.  This is what I am spending most of my time doing.
We have had some great weather the last couple of days.  When I took Heidi for her walk yesterday,(if you saw us, you might think it were the other way round) I just kept going.  There is a lake about 3 or 4 city block lengths from our driveway and we walked along it for a bit.  You get glimpses of it from the road and I noticed that it was still ice covered.  It isn't a big lake so I suspect that water should be appearing soon.  I may take a walk to our pond today and see how things are progressing there.

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  1. I know what you mean about writing a pattern--I think that takes longer than the actual sewing. I try to write up everything I sew, so that if I want to make it again, I don't have to start from nothing. Sometimes was makes perfect sense when I write it, when I next do it, I wonder what I meant.