Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Web Page

I couldn't believe it how fast the time went this morning.  When Roger mentioned making lunch, I had to check the clock as I thought it was only around 10.30.
This photo is of a quilt I just finished.  Part of what I was doing earlier was making the bed with the new quilt.  I have a blanket underneath so I can remove this at night and I now have Heidi's blankie at the foot of the bed.  She is NOT going to be allowed on the new quilt.  Well, at least not when I am at home.
The other thing that has taken a bit of time today was talking to the lady who has set up my web page.  She needed some more info and then we were discussing how to add my patterns and so on.  I am very pleased with her design.  If you would like to check it out, I have added the link to My Favourites list.  You will only be able to see the home page right now but we should soon have the free stuff and some patterns added.
Now that I have that quilt finished, I am getting ready to do another of my UFO's .  The pile of quilt tops is gradually diminishing.  Of course, I will probably add to it before the last one is done but I am moving in the right direction-slowly but moving.
My husband is getting to be quite the techie.  He is navigating Facebook, uploading and sending photos and going on chat.  I am quite proud of him.  I am hoping to introduce him to my long arm frame one of these day and see how he does on quilting!


  1. Anna, that is gorgeous!! I love the colors, the design, everything! Is it y-seams, or easier? You did a great job.

  2. Love this Quilt Anna!

    Rachel Chartrand
    Call for more info 800-557-0799

  3. This is a lovely quilt - and it looks as though it is already being appreciated!