Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pattern Finished

I didn't get enough sleep last night-dog decided she wanted out just after five.  My brain is too fuzzy to be working on business plans so I decided to finish up the pattern for the web site I mentioned yesterday.  It might sound odd that someone as math deficient as I would find it easier to do something that involved a lot of numbers but I do.  I guess it is because I already know what to do with the pattern but the business plan is something new.
In any case, the pattern is finished and sent off.  I am not sure how quickly she will be able to get it on her web shop but I will keep you posted.
I have a meeting in the village tonight and the weather hasn't been good.  I hope it clears up before then as the committee that I am on are trying to get the business owners, organizations etc. together to work on revitalizing our downtown.  This is a concern shared by many communities whether they have a large or small population.
We got a positive reaction when taking around the posters so I would hate to have to reschedule.
Going to have a lie down and then have to put together an agenda and sign up sheet.

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