Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting There

This is a 'better late than never' posting today.  I always seem to have a bit of a problem getting at Tuesdays blog.  I suppose that is because it is three days since the last one.
I am still really busy but am starting to get some things finished.  I needed to put the extension on my machine frame and that led to tightening bolts, cleaning the track and a few other bits and pieces.  I finally have it together again and will get the machine on and everything set up to load a quilt.  I have been stacking up some tops so I can just go from one to another and get everything done.  First up is the quilt for the master bed.  I just have the border to do and then I can add the binding.  I don't know how long I have had this one waiting to be finished but, at a guess, probably five years.  It will be so nice to get it on the bed.
I finished another pattern for the on line store that is selling them and it is posted.  I need to get a couple more done but have other projects that are more important just now.
On Monday, my husband cut up and cooked a bunch of venison.  He added some vegatables and put it all in the slow cooker.  Today, I made pastry and turned most of it into meat piece.  There are two full casserole dishes left that I am going to cover with biscuits just for something different.  A lot of work but now we have something in the freezer for emergency or in case I don't feel like cooking.
I went for my afternoon walk with the dog today and I could feel spring just on the edges of the weather.  It is still early yet but Roger was making maple syrup in early March last year.  I will be happy if we can just get a few days of sunshine.

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