Friday, February 18, 2011

Scary Day

This photo is of one of the patterns that I am now selling on  It is paper pieced and there is an alternate layout.
I am now working on an applique' pattern (I have a friend who refers to applique' as the A word!) so I will then have covered all the methods.
I hope to soon have figured out how you put links on the side of the blog so those of you who are interested, can check out the patterns.
I had a bit of a scary trip yesterday.  I needed to go into the village to buy a few things.  It was a nice mild day and everything was melting but I thought, once I got out of our driveway, the roads would be alright. They were considerably less than alright.  The slush was quite deep and under it, ice.  I skidded a couple of times even though I was going slow.  I could only take my foot off the gas and steer until the car was under control again. It is rather scary being across the center point and not knowing if a car will be coming from the opposite direction. I finally decided that it was best to turn around.  I made it back home and about three quarters up our drive and that was it.  My husband came out, I spread some ashes from the stove and, with Roger pushing, I got the car to its parking space.
This morning, there is a skating rink all around the house including the driveway hill.  We really do need to get in to pick up the mail, do banking etc. so my husband is out there with the quad trying to make it driveable.  It looks as though he is dragging a heavy chain to try and break up the ice.  It is well above freezing right now but the concern is what happens once the temperature drops.
I don't really have to go anywhere but I admit that I am beginning to feel a bit of cabin fever.  Oh well, I will soon be complaining about all the mud.
Have a great weekend,

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  1. What a beautiful quilt, Anna. I don't like paper piecing, so I probably won't be trying it, but I like looking at it!