Friday, February 25, 2011


Our trees are festooned with strange growths.  Some have large plastic bottles hanging from them and others rusty pails.  It is maple syrup prep. time and my husband is outside each day doing something to get ready for this years run.
He says that he wants to paint the pails in some bright primary colours next year so that will cheer up the forest during the last days of winter.  I will have to remember to take a photo.
Tomorrow, I am going to a winter festival parade.  Roger is a volunteer so I usually take him over, watch the parade and then come home.  I am going to take my camera as the entries get funnier each year.  It reminds me of the silly summer parade that is held in Edmonton every year.  It is pretty much the way it sounds; people dressing in outlandish costumes and doing weird things.  Rather like Alice's tea party come to life.
It is always good fun watching adults forgetting their dignity and being silly.
Sounds like those of you in Western Canada are having another minus 40 cold spell.  That means those of us in the east can expect the temperatures to head downward in a few days.  Winter always seems to enjoy reminding us that it is still in control, doesn't it.

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