Friday, December 19, 2014

Walking by the Woods on a Sunny Afternoon

 Lovely walking today with the sunshine and crispness.  It really isn't cold enough to be considered 'crisp' but it looks as though it should be.  taking photos was a bit of a challenge as Heidi is used to me charging along and hardly giving her time to leave messages for other dogs.  today, I kept stopping to take photos and telling her to wait.  She got it eventually but for the first two I was expecting her to start moving just as I pressed the shutter with the resulting picture of the sky.
I wish I had had my camera ready earlier as a bald eagle flew toward us and low enough to see his head.
This first photo is part of the streams that flow on either side of the road.  I always like the look of the snow around the water-or ice.
 We were on the return trip when I took this picture of Heidi.  She is usually allowed to 'walk' herself on the return trip once we get to the driveway.  In the summer, she usually grabs the leash end in her mouth and trots up the hill.
These last two photos were taken on different days and you can see what a difference the sunshine makes.


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