Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Are you getting back to routine yet or do you wait until after Jan. 1st of the new year?  I am slowly disassembling my decorations.  I took down the small tree that is in the studio and, tomorrow, the big one in the living room will also come down.  It is a real one and I don't want to leave it too long and have it become a hazard.  It is also quite wide and takes up a lot of room so we would like to reclaim that space,  I bought another everlasting (fake) one after Christmas so we will be able to leave that up longer next holiday.
I have also finished another column for the Quilt Pattern Magazine, the on line mag. for which I write.  By the way, they have a great special right now for new subscribers.  It is a great magazine full of articles and patterns and it comes right to your house via the internet so you don't have to remember to go to the store to pick it up.
Hubby has come down with a cold and is taking it easy today.  In addition to the undecorating, I am working on sewing a few new clothes.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I will be getting back to my fiction Friday's in the new year.

Heidi got new booties in her Christmas stockings to help keep her feet warm and free of snow clumps when we go walkies.  They don't stay on any longer than any other the other ones but she does find them more comfortable so I am going to try and rig up something to keep them in place.  A string like little children have on their mittens?

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