Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thursday is Wednesday?

Mug Tote

I have been busy making these mug totes.  They are great little stocking stuffers for those who take their own mug to work or meetings.  They are fun to do in various theme fabrics such as sewing, sports, pets etc.

Have finally finished the quilt that seemed to have taken up permanent residence on my frame.  I have a couple more gifts to make and that is the last of my Christmas gift sewing.

It has been mild all day and it just started snowing.  The flakes are huge.  They are the kind that little children love trying to catch on their tongue.  When did we stop having that kind of fun?
Tomorrow I am off to Huntsville again for shopping and a couple of medical appointments.  For some reason I was thinking they were Thursday although I have them marked down on my calendar for Wednesday.  Good thing the staff phoned me.  Of course, I didn't really listen to the first one and got a bit of a shock when I tuned in to what the second caller was saying. 

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