Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Living Pencil Sketch

We are surrounded by a black and white wonderland.  There was a wet snowfall last night and it has stuck to all the trees and the world looks like a pencil sketch.  I was wishing I had my camera when we drove to Huntsville this morning although I have found the photographs don't really capture this type of scene.
There was a photo on the Almaquin Highlands Photography Project Facebook page that contrasted the white with a blue bird house.  Very effective.  If you would like to see a more professional look at this area, check out the page.
I got all my medical appointments done this morning and I am still healthy as a horse (wonder where that saying came from?).  It has been a long day and we were concerned in case we would be late getting back so we arranged for our neighbour friend to come and let out Heidi if needed.  Fortunately, we were back on schedule although we wondered if we were going to be able to make it up the driveway.  A combination of wet snow and a hill with a curve caused the tires to spin but we did make it.  Heidi was glad to have her pack back home and to be able to do a run outside.
Now it is time to get supper.  No idea what to make.

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